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Prices are figured per square inch. To find this total, measure the length and width of your quilt top in inches and multiply. For example, a quilt measuring 80" by 90" would be 7200 square inches, multiply 7200 x .0175  to then equal $126.00 for your total cost for this quilt.

All computerized edge-to edge pantographs - .0175 cents per square inch.

Minimum charge for small quilts and wall hangings - $30.00

Custom quilting/ computerized designs - 3 to 6¢ per square inch.

Pricing for custom quilting is dependent upon the amount of time involved for intricate patterns and increased pattern complexity along with multiple thread color changes.

An additional labor charge of $15.00 per hour will be added for any miscellaneous work such as repairing seems or squaring up the back.

An additional charge of $20.00 will be added for borders and sashing as these require that the quilt be unloaded and remounted on the machine.

Warm and Natural batting is sold at $13.00 dollars a yard. (one yard is 36 inches x 90 inches.)

Quilters Dream Polyester Select Batting sold at the following rates:

Craft  36x46 inches  $8.00

Throw  60x60 inches  $12.00

Twin 72x93 inches  $17.00

Double 93x96 inches  $22.00

Queen  93x108 inches  $23.00

King  120x120 inches  $31.00

Payment is expected upon completion of the quilt by personal check, cash, or credit cards.

* Pricing subject to change without notice.




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