E2E Quilt Patterns
Patterns that repeat in continuous lines across your quilt. I am able to change sizes on all patterns shown to accommodate them for your quilts dimensions.


Designs By Vickie E2E Bear In The Woods
Designs By Tammy Finkler E2E Pretty Posies
Designs By Vickie E2E Dragonflies

Designs by Vickie E2E Snow Dense
Designs By Vickie E2E Fish
Anne Bright Designs E2E Floral Frolic

Anne Bright Designs E2E Heart Throb b2b
Simple Quilting Stitches E2E Steam
Designs By Deb E2E Flower Swirls

Designs By Deb E2E Going Bananas
Designs By Deb E2E Shamrocks
Designs By Deb E2E Spools of Thread

Designs By Deb E2E Sunflower 1
Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio E2E Baby Bears
Patterns By One Song Needle Arts E2E Falling Leaves

Patterns By One Song Needle Arts E2E Romancing Feathers
Patterns By One Song Needle Arts E2E Holly
Patterns By Linda Taylor E2E Stars and Loops

Patterns By Linda Taylor E2E Feather Meandering
Patterns By Linda Taylor E2E Simple Feather Meandering
Designs By Vickie E2E Asian Fans

Legacy Quilting Designs E2E Moo Cow
Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio E2E Bunny Food
Anne Bright Designs E2E Luna b2b

Anne Bright Designs E2E Stars b2b
Designs By Vickie E2E Baptist Fan 3
Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio E2E Surfs Up 3

Legacy Quilting E2E Cross Hatch Design
Legacy Quilting Design E2E Loop to Loop
Forever In Stitches E2E Bones

Patterns Precision V8 E2E Clamshell
Designs By Vickie E2E Butterfly Swirl
Designs by Vickie E2E Flowers

Designs By Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio E2E Baa Baa
Patterns By Precision Stitch V8 E2E Stipple
Designs By Vickie E2E Fancy Fish

Designs By Hillbrook Studio E2E Soccer Flames
Dave Dennis Designs E2E Goose Down
Patterns by Hillbrook Studio E2E Blooming Elegance

Patterns By Hillbrook Studios E2E Simply Roses
Patterns By Tammy Finkler E2E QOV2E2E
Patterns By Anne Bright E2E Paisley Feather

Patterns By Blackman Design E2E Shoefetish
Patterns Precisionstitch V8 E2E Vine
Patterns By Forever in Stitches E2E Taffy

Pattern By Dave Dennis E2E Wind Swirls
Patterns By Vickie E2E St Pattys Day
Patterns By Vickie E2E Soccer

Designs By Vickie E2E Football
Designs by Vickie E2E Turtles

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